Saturday, October 31, 2009

see my friends

Seeing my friends complaining about his bad relationships with some of his "friends" makes me think about it.

Posting to each other blog saying and expressing oneself on the "maya" makes me think too.

for me, its like a "remeh" things.

If it was me, I would'nt care about it.

Its a matter of time to proof you are right.

Like my experience of been accused stealing my ex-roomate camera's.

Everyone give thier bad perceptions towards me.

haha.. I laughed.

I said, okey, I'll be patience and wait till the moment of truth happens.


Lastly, my ex-roomate was caught red-handed.

my advice is, just keep your head low.

Dont keep on saying empty words.

It is what Rasullullah do.

Like people in Taib, rejected His teaching plus trow stone at Our beloved Rasullulah.

He get His chances to revenge by the help of the angel.

But Rasullulah oppose the idea of doing that.

He pray for Allah to give guidance for the people in Taib to have iman.

Just leave to Allah.

May Allah lead you the way to solve it.


Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...


I just wish I was you...

madmal said...

you dont need to be me..
alam shah ex student kot..
so powerful & genious..

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