Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think I have enough with girlfriends and boyfriends stuff.

I don't need em' anyway.

I believe in destiny.

Is not about changing my mind or move on to other girls.

I mean that I gave up.

It is to much to do rather than wasting my time with my girlfriend.

Enough is enough.

Like my friends always do say this again and again, "just follow the flow".

I've think it wisely.

Girlfriend need to sacrifice time.

Plus you need to sacrifice money.

And in addition, you need to sacrifice emotional.

It is an abuse.

The formula that can be conlude is GF=Time+Money+Emotional

GF also equal to mental abuse.

I think I am not ready for any kind of mental abuse.

I don't feel like having stress no more.

It just waste my precious moment and time.

So, I'll not care anymore about it.

For me, I need someone that can understand me, not over stand me.

And I think I know for now who are the better person that could be best for me; My Mother, Father and my beloved family.

So, end of story for BF/GF in my life.

On behalf of me, I just wanted to say that, I would pick the lucky girl when I have everything and ready to get marry.

So why should I worry.

So who are going to be my lucky girl?? Just wait and see.

Destiny is in Allah hands.

For miss Wardati Abdullah, sorry, I let you down.

I guess I am not ready yet.


Nuruljannah said...

salam akmal..
wah..kinda impress with ur thought..
u improved wisely ;)
over thoughts that u have said in this topic i agree :)
mental abuse!
in other way to be positive to ourselves this is just unnecessary at this point/moment.
well just say that we are not ready for that mental abuse

May the force be with us!

madmal said...

Thanx Jannah for being supportive!


miRa iKomiA said...

mira lg trok..xpnh lgsg ada experience bf n gf..sbb quite phobia tgk kwn2 len..mcm xbest..4 me setakt nih ar..being single lg!mybe ble dh mature skit br brani nak involve dgn bnda2 nih..n lg prefer parents pilihkan..stuju x?? hehe..

madmal said...

setuju.. hundreds percent!
betul tu mira..
xyah bwang masa buat benda2 tak berfaedah..
itu semua dunia..

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...


that's right but depends on urself jugak...

u'll never know a second ahead...


= >

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