Friday, November 20, 2009

idea in writing

You want to know something?

I can't maintain my blog everyday.

Why? Because, I don't have ideas to write.

It would be lame if I write about my routine.

I agree with the phrase "all writer need to go out and meet people", "writer or journalist need to meet people in order to have new ideas".

It is true.

I am the writer who needs fresh air in order to gain new ideas.

Outside world give me inspiration to write.

I don't know if out there maybe there are people who can stay alone in the room 24/7, can gain idea.

For me is like torturing myself.

At least, just having a walk outside and little conversation with the outsider would make me feel better. (",)


miRa iKomiA said...

let me giv u an interesting pic n comment..from tat pon ok..4 me, a picture worth a thousand words..

madmal said...

hehe.. okeh.. i'll post any picture later on..

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Weh...crite psl kehebatan hackering ko ar..


mengarut je ko nie..

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