Thursday, November 12, 2009

My weird expression

When something happens such as; someone yell at me, " hei your car tyre flat".

My reaction is "nahhh, the tyre is old and it is normal and need to change it later".

Think about it again, its not a proper expression.

The proper expression is: "Oh no, how could the tyre flat? I just pumped it last week!".

It is weird.

For me, my expression is so weird.

Not like a normal person.

I am too much of calm.

Acting cool infront of everyone.


At least I have a confession to make.


miRa iKomiA said...

welcome 2 da club..somtim mine pon weird as well..mcm xmatch expression dgn situation..haha

madmal said...

huhu.. shy already.. (",)

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