Saturday, December 5, 2009

New year


Its been a while now.

Well, do you noticed that we are now in December; end of year.

The time seems jelous with us.

Slowly changing the calender to a new year.

Well, I am grateful to welcome warmly for the new year.

I wish to stay forever 22.

But it is impossible.



So, for the new year resolution, firstly, I wish to stop doing stupid things I always do.

Secondly, I need to focus more on my studies.

And lastly, I wish to have a perfect life. hope so.

May Allah hear my wishes and may it come true.



Jemi Azmi said...

ceh aku tolong aminkan tuh..hehe
Mal aku nyer blog Aku Syok-Syok yg 'aku syok sendiri'tu aku da delete..
harap maklum...

madmal said...

aminnnn. hehe. Aku syok-syok ea? hehe.. okeh.. nanti aku lawat blog ko.

Norsafura said...

yup.. 'salut' to you akmal... All the best! and Happy New Year! =) may Allah place His Blessing upon us...amin..

madmal said...

ehhe. thanks saf. nice to hear it from you.

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