Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some advice to my friends


Such a long time I have been missing from my beloved blog.


Well, I am not sure what am I going to write recently.

As a result, I don't write.

Now here I am again, writing some crap.


Actually, I want to give some advice for my friends out there, who are in a relationships.

Firstly, one of my best friends give me some fact last night.

He said that, almost every couple who have a relationships, ended up being married.

But it is only 8%.

Yup, I think it is true.

It is a reality nowadays.

So, I think, if you guys really love your partner, give it a go.

End it up with a marriage.

If not, don't take a risk to love someone.

For me,boys is ready to take serious relationship when he reached 25 years old.

For girls, Her age is not important because girls always take things seriously.
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