Saturday, January 30, 2010


Good morning all.

Today is Saturday.

The last Saturday for January 2010.

Today, I would like to go around KL.

Hangout with some good friends there.

But first, I need to have my breakfast first.

Yesterday I only have my lunch.


No wonder my body is slim. 



Nothing much.


Friday, January 29, 2010

I think i've lost it

Today I have been accompanied by some friends.

It is really nice to have some friends beside you.

Exchange some ideas of live, love, work, study, family and friends.

It is more likely an open conversation.

I don't really open my story of life to other person who I'm not know.

But I will share some if I am comfort with.

I realized something today, I think, I have lost my sense of making friends.

Instead of making friends, I have always use the sense in making new girlfriend.

Shit! What a waste of time.

I wish I could turn out the time again, and of course, I would like to be given a second chance to makes new friends, instead of girlfriend.

Well, got to go. 

Got class tommorow morning.

Maybe my entry this time is nothing useful, but it is memorable for me.

Nite all.~

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Just got back from cherating.

My first holiday in the first semester.

The date was, Friday, 15th of January 2010.

Three days and two night we stayed there.

Didi, Leo, Arik & Me, travel to Kuantan by bus.

RM27 for the bus fare.

We have fun there.

Stayed in Holiday Villa.

Such a nice place to stayed.

Well, not much activities done there.

Just having fun with ourself.

Swim in the pool for the first night.

Then in the morning, swim again for the second time and we stayed together in the room, watching American Idol.

In the evening, we play some war games in the pool.

At night, we spent sometimes in the pub, well not for a drink, but karaoke.


Then in the Morning, we have our breakfast and set to Kuantan again and buy ticket to Shah Alam.

We arrived Shah Alam, at 6.30pm.

So, my comment overall, I think, Cherating is a nice place to stay.

Well, the food is expensive.

And last but not least, make sure you bring enough money to enjoy yourself there.

My suggestion is, RM400.

More than enough for 3 days & 2 night stay.

Much more activities that I've not tried out there yet.

Maybe some other times.

Until then, later folks!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My time table

My time table for the following weeks will include 3 days of classes.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


I don't like it much.

The admin just change the time table couple of days ago.

huh what a craps!

The last time table, before it changed is Monday & Friday.

What to do.

Well, life must go on rite?



C you guys later.
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