Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Working Late

My job recently harsh me to stay up late.

Even though the normal working hours are 9am till 6pm, Fizo and I added 5 more hours which as a result we left the office at 11pm last nite. 

I'm not sure whether our Paymaster; Masterskill would like to pay both us the 2 hours of balanced OT's we've done or not.

If it yes, I'm really appreciated it much~ hihi....

I hate the element of surprise in this case which I call it as Not Very Important (NVI) visit.

Actually there is one visit which is Very-Very-Important day which MQA visit or Malaysian Qualification Association (correct me if I'm wrong) are coming on the 4th of January 2011. 

The officer will check on every aspect including the facilities of the school.

Thats mean, Library must be ready on that day also. 

Anyhow, the Vice Chancellor are coming this Thursday which need us to triple our work focusing on cataloguing the books.

The NVI visit force us onto a new mission: PUT EVERY BOOKS ON THE SHELF ASAP.

Thank you NVI visit. 

You made our day bright and shine - in a manner of sarcastically said.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to see these books are kept on it shelf soon.

Fiza focusing on her task

okey.... work is under progress..

books everywhere

lots of book...

the other side of the library..

books books books


books ready to be shelved

why medical books always heavy..? bak kate cik md khir, librarian mati kena hempap buku nanti kang.. hehe.. its a lie..

It is a pleasure and rewarding on every work we work on, payed later on.

:D xoxo have a nice day~


boygurl85 said...

well guys u have lots work to do... do ur best... hapdy working...

madmal said...

tq za... we'll do our best..

miRa iKomiA said...

honestly akmal, i hate books! oowwh tidak!

madmal said...

ehhe.. yup.. i hate it too.. but I can't unfortunately..... because i am a librarian .. hohohoho..

mackenziedoo said...

saya pun..xsuka la bila tiba2 suruh OT... atleast OT mal leh claim $$ sy claim off jer...kalo busy... burn mcm tu je..hahahaa

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