Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my drawer

if you happen to open my drawer in my room back in my hometown, you'll be suprise to see a lot of weird things that actually is my private collection.

the things is actually a collection of used item, or a gift from my friends which actually i can't throw it away.

there is something that hold me from throwing it away.


yes, it is precious.

the thing is so meaningful as it will bring me back the memories by looking at it.

memories is the weird things you wont able to see it outside....

things like personal letter, ropes, a toy, my first handphone, theater ticket, pencil, bank reciept, a broken watch i use to wear and many other things are kept still...

a very precious watch which was given by my mother are still inside the drawer.

today i wear a new watch and it makes me wondered if this watch also going to be in the drawer later in the future not because of the purpose of collecting things, but the purpose of collecting memories.....

i need to credit the person who give this watch to me.

brand new shining watch

thanks a million times..

warm regards,


Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

sapa bagi tuh?

madmal said...

entah la leo.. aku pn ta pasti..

Lilyel said...


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Thank you.


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