Thursday, March 17, 2011


About the title

Aristotle’s law of noncontradiction states that “One cannot say of something that it is and that it is not in the same respect and at the same time.”
i put it this way, this is my blog and i can put any title as i like as it always.. MUHAHAHAHA (gelak paling jahat).....

its been a while since my last post.

and it was a surprised to see all my colleague of bloggers suddenly are really active in blogging.

okeh... good improvement.. and i noticed it to be such a new trend now.. people seems to turn to blog to write about their life and stuff more active than before.

surprised to see all my collegue of bloggers suddenly are really active in blogging.

for a quick view, look at :-

and my favoratoss blog as ever:

so, enough with the crab..

Librarian story: good to keep myself busy instead of doing nothing.

for the past few weeks, i've been working on CD's collection.

thanks to fiza, who manage to catalogue the cd.

i think there is about 150 or more cd's need to be labeled.

mess already
it is not fun as cataloguing books.

quite dull and boring..


btw, its already finished.

yeah again..

credit goes to fiza..

master of everything.

hide it inside my table: i love the shape, isn't it beautiful aite?

taraaaa~~ all set
 the week before that, i did catalogue.

but not so many..

just a couple of boxes..

new books.. .. ahha.. looks like rubbish at a first eye shot aite? but NO! it's a book!

its funny when my workplace fill with politics.


like i've mentioned in my previous writing, politics its all about power...

there are two bosses in the campus now.

fiza, if you red this, u might already knew who am i referring to aite..

the funny thing is, you can see how both of them act in front of each other.. very smooth..

when they meet outside the office hour time, they'll be laughing out loud tepuk menepuk bahu kepala kaki sesame together and pretending that is nothing happened between both of them..
funny thing is, you can see how both of them act in front of each other.. very smooth..
but the truth is that they are an opponent and rival till death....


and the victims is always the staff (me and the gang)..

shit.. yeah, shit.. i am telling you this is bullshit..

why? because we are the victims! we are so innocent.....

i'll tell you one part of the story..

it goes something like this... the top management ask us to move from previous block to Academic Room 1 in another block which everyone will gather and work there.

this is to cut the cost that my company holds RM23,000  of electricity operating without student alone...

this is wasting.. therefore, the top management decide to move us and pack us together in one place..
my company holds RM23,000  of electricity operating 
the thing got so messed up, when another boss(let call her number 2) listen to this order while another one boss(lets call him number 1) who don't received this order..

yesterday, when i and fiza are about to move to Academic Room 1, we were stopped by number 1, holding us not to move there.


i was so stressed at that point..

don't know who to follow..

then we decided not to move anyway.. yes, we choose not to move because we are librarian who need to take care of the library.
i was so stressed at that point
btw, politics, is not always bad at all.

some of my friends who rather hates politics told me that politics is nothing to do with him/her..

please be aware of your words my friends..

we need to know what is happening around us especially politics.

say like this, if one day, the goverment ask us to eat shit, will we do that?

Yes we must, and yes that is the power of politics.

thats why, we need to keep abreast with politics aite.

that is why i feel sorry sometimessomethimes with my friends...

anyway, please do read from mahathir blogs at

i feel sorry sometimes with my friends
My Cute Nephew

 that day was sunday when it was about time i am leaving him for prayers.

he ask me in his own language (maklumla bdak baru nak bercakap) which i don't understand a single words coming out from his mouth..


funny and cute..

so i took this picture and i thought hanging the headphones on his head would look something nice.

yeah i did put it..

taraaa.. cute as i expected in the picture. :)

how innocent i am.... huhu.. :)
so thats it.

nothing much until next post which i don't know when.. huhu



Ct Aja said...

pengaruh akmal gak ni dlu ni.heeeeeeeee.......

madmal said...

hohohoho.. apsal plak pengaruh oghe..? pelik ja..

Ct Aja said...

yela sbb tgk blog akmal la dlu tbka hati nak bk jg...heeeeee, akmal gak yg prnah ckap dlu, bk la blog jgk nti akmal folo, x ingat ar tuuuuuuuu, aiyaaaakkkkkkkkkkk.....

madmal said...

ehhee... adeh.. lama da kata2 itu.. huhuhuhu.. ta ingat.. tapi rasa mmg penah cakap kt aja dluw.. ;)


wowowowoww...byk kisah terbaru


byk cerita2 terbaru..~~ best

Zariff Zarifah said...

yup pengaruh dr kemal... suke tgk blog kemal disusun dgn rapi... haha bodekologi... skrg aye dh tukar blog lain...

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

kacak blog ko skrg....dh kalahkan aku pn followers ko ek?

miRa iKomiA said...

hey!hey!hey! how r u bro?? Hehe. lme xbc ur blog..sorry le. aiyoo! mira puasa blogging 4 bulan la! ish22. btw,nk starts activ balik..chao!

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