Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Assalamualaikum - May peace be upon you all.

I can see that I am becoming much more older each day.

Up till now, I still wonder about my age.

Am I really 24 Years Old..?

I thought that I was still 23 or 22 years old.

Coming to that, it realize me that all of this while, I've been putting my life onto life which I have never imagine back on my childhood days, happily playing with my toys, friends, create my own imagination and fantasy without even thinking or worried about my career or future.

Now I'm stuck with a world which some says strange.
Yeap, it is strange.

Full of strange system which human created it and that is the system which human call it a LIFE.

This system that everyone in the world follow.

For example, everyday we wake up, bath, drive a car to work, stuck in the office doing paperwork which we think it is great and can change things for 8 hours, coming back to your house, and sleep.

It is repeated everyday.

That is one of the strange system.

Got what I mean?

Hoping so that someone can comment on this.

Anyway, that is your life after all.

In my opinion, the perfect system and makes different in LIFE when there is GOD.

Everything in the world are the same until there is interference from outside the system.

One can choose which path they wanted it to be.

But people who choose the path of being loyal to their GOD are the One who wishes to have much more better LIFE than the other who follows the same system everyday in this strange world.

To escort my point of view, I would like to stress things that come crossing over my mind.

1. Time pass by very quickly until I don't realize I am getting older each day.
2. The career or future that I never or even bother to think back in the old days now is happening to me and now it is call my LIFE.
3. The LIFE is one of the SYSTEM which we follow each and everyday.
4. LIFE is meaningless without the interference of the GOD which makes LIFE even better or priceless.

In the nutshell, it makes me think, that I need to change some things in my LIFE.

For example, need to change few bad habit, stop doing stupid things, try to achieve whatever I've planned and etcetera.

So, with my new hopes, I wanted to call it as a new beginning.

Yeah, a fresh new start.

Like pushing restart button on your PC/Dekstop that let you start over again.

huh *sigh*.

Lets the journey begin.

*Please wear seatbelt, this ride going to be very bumpy*


wanie misa amane said...

Finally, there is an update from u ;))

madmal said...

hehe. well. i'm shy person la. heeee :D

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