Monday, August 1, 2011

uss trip

Hai all
what a wonderful day..

today is the first day of fasting months..

for all muslim out there, I wish u happy ramadhan al-mubarak..

before the July close it doors, I manage to create some memories..

to be precise is not me alone - me, aziq & ikin..

we went to universal studios singapore last saturday..

fantastic place to hangout and enjoy with buddies or your soul-mate..

there are many rides and roller coaster!

have you tried genting's roller coaster?

if you haven't tried it yet, no sweat, uss roller coaster much more worth it..

cylon, human and pharoah ride is recommended..

but my advice is, if you wanna take those ride, please make a request to sit infront..

yup, make a request to sit infront..

best sit ever..!


aziq struggling to fill the 'white card' on the bumpy bus ride

at the border between johor-singapore..

candy tree..


monkey outside. hehe..

mr and mrs 007 :)


do you see that smoke coming out from our back? nice....

is a bird, is an aeroplane, nope, is a superman!

sweet... hehe

hehe.. like rappers wannabe la aziq.... :)

hooooooowaaa... we are here already..


 . blue .

the bag spoil us... hahahhaha..

candy up there...







far farrr away... huhu.. notice my shirt already wet.. hahaha.. dinasour punya pasal la nie. hahahaha

owh okey.. got someone wanna interframe also.. heeeee

we're on camera...

macho man...


hot.. i close my eyes...

ewahh.. cute...

sir, please step off the fountains..

look there is what im talking about.. - roller coaster -

allolololooo.. u guys look like korean filmstar...


org buta sedang berjalan.. beware.. but, hei, where is ur tongkat..?

erk.. wrong dressing ea... dekat sini, memang tak bule nak cantik2 ea.. tak sesuai...

owhhh.. like that arr.. hehe.. hungry lorh...

there is a lot of gift shop inside..

one of the street...

hehe. i have this big green eggs.. :)

quess, where is me? hehe

grraaahhh!!! with frenkeinstein.. (eh betul ke eja cam tu?) hihi

ladies and gentleman..

cuba teka siapa?

yup, we are lucky.. ticket RM201.. pakej.. tiket + bas, + uss + k fahmi. ngko ada..? ta ada kan? hahaha


thats all..

p/s jangan lupa solat tarawih! :p


Anonymous said...

I just added your website on my blogroll. I may come back later on to check out updates. Excellent information!

madmal said...

Thank you for visiting ;)

Anonymous said...

I just added your website on my blogroll. Really enjoyed reading through. Excellent information!

madmal said...

Again, thank you for visiting ;)

KiKiHanakO said...

nice place!!!

madmal said...

yup.. a place u should go ;)

Si Hujan. said...

I want to go there too! ;)Sabar Ati, sabar. HEHE.

madmal said...

sabar ea... hehe ;)

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...


ciap jumpa fahmi tu...hehehhe..

madmal said...

eh.. k fahmi yg nak jumpa ktorg.. ;)

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