Thursday, August 11, 2011

what a freak - i made my first vid haha


Whats up?

Lovely day I wish you guys in advance okey..

Hey, just wanna test my capacity, ability and also my creativity in making video..

I know it sound weird and mad..

I made a video last weeks.

Spend almost one day to finished it..


No need to criticize these vid ya..

I knew it already............. 

it wasn't good enough..

= P


hope you guys like it .. 

just hoping..


Credits to all of the students who are really sporting.. 

Thumbs up!

p/s this vid is actually one part of introduction for our library training session last monday..

Take care folks!

*Tools used: Openshot, Gimp & Blender @ Ubuntu Linux 10.04


Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

gne Blender ha? ok gak quality dier..

madmal said...

aah.. blender.. standard ar.. cume aku je yg ta geti guna

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

ko bkn x reti gune...ko cume blum pakar...

madmal said...

harap2 ada org bule bagi tutorial dalam bahasa melayu.. senang skit aku nak explore..

u try to explore first, then aku bule la blaja dari ko.. hoho ;)

Si Hujan. said...

You have a cozy library to take care ;) That's great ;)

madmal said...

cozy ea..? hehe. i agree. ;)

Adrian Singh said...

Good job with the video bro!
Nicely done ;)
Great Librarians, Great Library.

Ahmad Akmal Mohd Idris said...

adrian, how much need I to pay u bro..? hehe ;)

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