Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm moving

hai assalamualaikum..

how are you guys?

still in the mood of raya?


well, I hope you have a blessing Eid Fitri.


anyway, its nothing much to whining about here.

I have an announcement to make.

I am moving my blog to

then, there should be no post in this blog no more after this one. (stop for a while I suppose)

but why?

I already explain it under the post dunia maye!.

not really hate blogspot, but I like the feature that offers.


its been a terrific exciting years since I started using blogspot.

it is really fun to write some stuff with the goodies that blogspot offer and support.

I've always look forward to write my new post one after another.

the most layout I favor is the Simple template which is mixture of natural white colour as it background.

those days, I used to tweaked my blog all day long just to configure it the way I like.

but sometimes it would be very frustrating if the things I working on is not coming out as it should.

blogspot, always lack of some future.

it has its own style which need some technical knowledge which I found it hard for a none technical like me.

as for today, I found out that not only blogpsot can do this job.

wordpress looks promising.

I've been playing with  it for few days in my localhost and I found it useful and I'm impressed with "Plugin" which is available and ready to go.

in my opinion, wordpress suits me for now, therefore I shall change the blog platforms for now.

anyway, I learned how to host my own website also.

if you wanna give it a try, go watch youtube under keyword wordpress install + webhost.

you might find lots of awesome tutorial about it.

anyway, what you need to run a wordpress website:

1. - your blog wsyiwyg
2. - all contain file example: your picture, music, html, document, etc.
3. - you might need a free domain for it.


easy weh.

if you bump into trouble, try to googling around first.

you might find a solution for it.

by the way, my blog there will expired until 6 September 2012.

its a one year free.

after that, I might come back to blogspot again.


before it is expired, I welcome you to follow me there tau.

you are most welcome ;)



wanie misa amane said...

follow already. but what's the different heh ?

madmal said...

the different ea..? erm.. for those who likes to use widget a lot, there is thousand of free plugin and ready to be installed any time
that suits me for now. ;)

lampu jalanan said...

patotla da lama x hapdet cni..cepat hapdet cni lak ;D

cikza said...

tggu setahun dia update kt sini... berjanggut la aku tggu ko kemal...

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