Monday, December 28, 2009

Semester Break going to an End


Semester break going to end next week.

I gotta admit that my holiday for this semester is better than any other semester break. 

I really enjoy each of the day.

So many space to relax.


Well that is just fantasy and not permanent.

Wake up Ahmad Akmal!

Get real!

Soon, my routine would be boring.

No more TV 24/7, no over time sleep in the morning, no more eat-what-ever-i-want from the fridge, no more good friends to hangout with in the big beloved city.

Oh dammit.

Well, I think I'll gonna wait for the next semester break to come.

Hope so.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ninja hand seal

Ninja is always the best action movie that I like to watch.

Their moves are really unpredictable.

Cartoon such as Naruto really amazed me.

Well here are the stuff that I want to share with you guys.

Ninja have their own Hand Seal which each of the seals have their own meaning.

Check it out guys.

My friends left me behind today

Today, I feel so bored.

All of my friends don't want to go out with me.



Just stuck in my house alone.

I ended up sleeping all day.

Errhhhhghh! What a wasted day!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some advice to my friends


Such a long time I have been missing from my beloved blog.


Well, I am not sure what am I going to write recently.

As a result, I don't write.

Now here I am again, writing some crap.


Actually, I want to give some advice for my friends out there, who are in a relationships.

Firstly, one of my best friends give me some fact last night.

He said that, almost every couple who have a relationships, ended up being married.

But it is only 8%.

Yup, I think it is true.

It is a reality nowadays.

So, I think, if you guys really love your partner, give it a go.

End it up with a marriage.

If not, don't take a risk to love someone.

For me,boys is ready to take serious relationship when he reached 25 years old.

For girls, Her age is not important because girls always take things seriously.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Which internet browser is the fastest?

Hello guys.

My answer for the heading question would be OPERA.

Today I downloaded new Internet Browser; Opera.

Guest what I found out?

I found out that Opera Is better than any other web browser.

It loaded much more faster.

Yup, it is true.

I woke up in the morning ended looking for some answer.

Randomly enter question at Google: What is the faster Internet Browser.

It brings me to an article which compare web browser such like Opera, IE, Mozzila, Safari and many more.

Well, my recommendation is, YOU GUYS should CHANGE to OPERA too.

It is more faster. 

Trust me.

I have tried it out.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

New year


Its been a while now.

Well, do you noticed that we are now in December; end of year.

The time seems jelous with us.

Slowly changing the calender to a new year.

Well, I am grateful to welcome warmly for the new year.

I wish to stay forever 22.

But it is impossible.



So, for the new year resolution, firstly, I wish to stop doing stupid things I always do.

Secondly, I need to focus more on my studies.

And lastly, I wish to have a perfect life. hope so.

May Allah hear my wishes and may it come true.

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