Thursday, November 26, 2009

Samurai Hair

Just wondering when will my hair grow longer.

I dream to have hair like samurai.


I don't know why I love it.

Maybe my curiosity makes me loves it.

Well, I think I am gonna wait for it to grow.

My Ride

You know, in Malaysia, we have Kancil, Wira, Waja and so many others.

I think in this country, it is not suitable for this type of car.

In the future I would like to ride a Jeep.


Also not to be forgotten, I would love to ride a BMW in the street.


But for now, kancil is just enough for me.

Thanks to Allah.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have stayed at my hometown for almost 4 weeks now.

I gotta feeling that my face gonna get chubby.


By the end of this semester break, I assure myself that I am gonna be cute by then.

('_') Chubby face.


Sunday, November 22, 2009


My Uncle was really sick.

You know, his eyes caught a desease call as cataract.

Forgive me for the spelling.

His eyes slowly unable him to see things.

Each day he said that his vision becoming blur.

Poor him.

Because of that, it inspire me.

I wan't to be a doctor.

I wan't to help my family.

I think, by becoming a doctor, my future gonna be very clear.

I hope that I could be a useful person.

Able to help people.

Especially my family.

I don't want to let down of my parent hopes who really wants to see me as an officer in a goverment sector.

For them, it is enough.

But for me, I think it is not enough.

I got the chance here.

My parent afford to give and support my education.

Why must I let go the oppurtunity?

So, from now on, I have my own words.

I want to became a doctor.

No matter what.

I aware that studying medical is not as easy as you can imagine.

Yes, I know it is going to be difficult.

But I think it is worth it.

The years I spend also worth it.

The payment I'll received later on would be worth it.

So what am I going to wait more?

I am going to be ready physically and mental by the end December 2010.

By that time, I have already graduated in Bachelor of Information Management.

Yup, I will earn my first degree by end of July 2010.

My father have agree with my future plan.

He said, he would help me if I have the desire to go that far.

I trust myself.

I can do it.

You want to know something? I am not good at any exam papers.

But I am really consistent in every exam paper that I take.

So, thats is why I am confident I can pass Medical paper.

I think I can follow the syllabus, but for having a good result is another problem for me.

Just enough for me if I pass the paper.

Thats it.

Oh Allah, please give me your strentgh.

Please help me face difficult 10 years later on my life.


Friday, November 20, 2009

idea in writing

You want to know something?

I can't maintain my blog everyday.

Why? Because, I don't have ideas to write.

It would be lame if I write about my routine.

I agree with the phrase "all writer need to go out and meet people", "writer or journalist need to meet people in order to have new ideas".

It is true.

I am the writer who needs fresh air in order to gain new ideas.

Outside world give me inspiration to write.

I don't know if out there maybe there are people who can stay alone in the room 24/7, can gain idea.

For me is like torturing myself.

At least, just having a walk outside and little conversation with the outsider would make me feel better. (",)

Thursday, November 19, 2009



Waiting for the iPhone is testing my limit of patient.

Is day 3.

7 Day to go.

or maybe 9 day to go.

Can't wait even longer.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Listen to Yuna (one of the underground performer in Malaysia) songs and musics, makes me calm.

I really love her voice.

Yuna give me a strenght to write my own song.


But I think it is really hard to write one.

Well, I give her a good credit for it.

She also got courage to aproach the underground band.

You know, to go that far must require someone to have a tons of supporter.

In addition, she is only a Girl.

It is quite taboo for malaysian especially for young girls specifically wearing a scarf to get down in underground industries.


Well, anyway, her voice is good.

You should listen to it sometimes.

It really turns my Happy mood on.


Looking at Apple iPhone turn my desire on.


I don't know to make a decision.

Is it worth it if i buy it or not?



Ya Allah give me your strength and wisdom to make a wise decision.


Have you ever wonder, everything you do would be easy.

I mean everything.

There is no need to have stress on doing it.

Well, my opinion is, the thing that going to get easy, when you know how to.

For example, when you go karoake, some song are very hard to follow such as Crossfire - Realiti & Fantasi.

I dare you to try that song.

Very high tone.

Well, actually, is quite easy.

You need to get smart on doing things.

My tips is, when I sing that song, I cheat.

I don't use my normal voice.

I use such female voice.

Well I am a guy, so I use the female voice to catch up with the high tone.

Don't get it?

Well, you need to try it for yourself.


Practice make perfect.

Good luck.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why in English?

Why am I writing my blog in English?

hm.. it is a nice question to ask..

Well, actually my reason are very simple, it is because, I want to improve my English.

The second reason is, my course in UiTM I am taking now, require me to able to write, speak and talk in English.

It just my exercise in writing.

The third reason is, I am training myself to be a writer or a journalist.

To be a good writer require me to write a lot.

Is not like I am proud and takbur to used it, it just my exercise.

I know, many friends out there able to communicate using English language, but they are shy.

There is no need to be shy, just express it.

There no need to be afraid for any right or wrong.

No one gonna judge you.

It is you yourself that motivate and make the changes and the differences.

So what are you waiting for?

Write now or regret later.

By the way, I am proud to be a Malay. I can use variety of language not only on my mother touge, but also in other language.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think I have enough with girlfriends and boyfriends stuff.

I don't need em' anyway.

I believe in destiny.

Is not about changing my mind or move on to other girls.

I mean that I gave up.

It is to much to do rather than wasting my time with my girlfriend.

Enough is enough.

Like my friends always do say this again and again, "just follow the flow".

I've think it wisely.

Girlfriend need to sacrifice time.

Plus you need to sacrifice money.

And in addition, you need to sacrifice emotional.

It is an abuse.

The formula that can be conlude is GF=Time+Money+Emotional

GF also equal to mental abuse.

I think I am not ready for any kind of mental abuse.

I don't feel like having stress no more.

It just waste my precious moment and time.

So, I'll not care anymore about it.

For me, I need someone that can understand me, not over stand me.

And I think I know for now who are the better person that could be best for me; My Mother, Father and my beloved family.

So, end of story for BF/GF in my life.

On behalf of me, I just wanted to say that, I would pick the lucky girl when I have everything and ready to get marry.

So why should I worry.

So who are going to be my lucky girl?? Just wait and see.

Destiny is in Allah hands.

For miss Wardati Abdullah, sorry, I let you down.

I guess I am not ready yet.

My weird expression

When something happens such as; someone yell at me, " hei your car tyre flat".

My reaction is "nahhh, the tyre is old and it is normal and need to change it later".

Think about it again, its not a proper expression.

The proper expression is: "Oh no, how could the tyre flat? I just pumped it last week!".

It is weird.

For me, my expression is so weird.

Not like a normal person.

I am too much of calm.

Acting cool infront of everyone.


At least I have a confession to make.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Raining in jb.

My hometown look very lively without me.

I think so.

Looks like I'm going to do my routine.

Sleep, Solat, Eat, Wathing Television, Bath & Help my mom & Dad.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Fog is very mysterious.

Very mystic.

Very ancient.

Very old.

Many was written about fog.

Although many ignore the appearance of fog, but I really think fog is my inspiration.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


there is always an oppurtunity in life.

grab it when you have the chances.

therefore you'll not regret it later.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday in space??

BARCELONA (Reuters) – A company behind plans to open the first hotel in space says it is on target to accept its first paying guests in 2012 despite critics questioning the investment and time frame for the multi-billion dollar project.

During their stay, guests would see the sun rise 15 times a day and travel around the world every 80 minutes. They would wear velcro suits so they can crawl around their pod rooms by sticking themselves to the walls like Spiderman.

Galactic Suite Ltd's CEO Xavier Claramunt, a former aerospace engineer, said the project will put his company ( at the forefront of an infant industry with a huge future ahead of it, and forecast space travel will become common in the future.

"It's very normal to think that your children, possibly within 15 years, could spend a weekend in space," he told Reuters Television.

A nascent space tourism industry is beginning to take shape with construction underway in New Mexico of Spaceport America, the world's first facility built specifically for space-bound commercial customers and fee-paying passengers.

British tycoon Richard Branson's space tours firm, Virgin Galactic, will use the facility to propel tourists into suborbital space at a cost of $200,000 a ride.

Galactic Suite Ltd, set up in 2007, hopes to start its project with a single pod in orbit 450 km (280 miles) above the earth, traveling at 30,000 km per hour, with the capacity to hold four guests and two astronaut-pilots.

It will take a day and a half to reach the pod - which Claramunt compared to a mountain retreat, with no staff to greet the traveler.

"When the passengers arrive in the rocket, they will join it for 3 days, rocket and capsule. With this we create in the tourist a confidence that he hasn't been abandoned. After 3 days the passenger returns to the transport rocket and returns to earth," he said.

More than 200 people have expressed an interest in traveling to the space hotel and at least 43 people have already reserved.

The numbers are similar for Virgin Galactic with 300 people already paid or signed up for the trip but unlike Branson, Galactic Suite say they will use Russian rockets to transport their guests into space from a spaceport to be built on an island in the Caribbean.

But critics have questioned the project, saying the time frame is unreasonable and also where the money is coming from to finance the project.

The Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Suite Space Resort say it will cost 3 million euro ($4.4 million) for a three-night stay at the hotel, with this price including an eight-week training course on a tropical island.

Claramunt said an anonymous billionaire space enthusiast has granted $3 billion to finance the project.

(Writing by Stuart McDill; Editing by Belinda Goldsmith and Miral Fahmy)

Article adopted from

madmal comment: oit.. I really dont think i can't afford to go holiday in space. I'll rather just be thankful to Allah if I have a nigt vacation in Malaysia.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Farewell party

After struggling in the exam hall.

last night Arik, Didi, Leo and I, went to ikan kembung food court.


Party of farewell.

Half "pengsan" after eating so much.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

writing facts

Most peple don't have very much to say that's interesting, and/or unable to write down their ideas in a compelling and clear manner.

It is often found that people who have most time to write have least to say, and the people who have most to say don't have enough time to write it. Thus, the real expertise within the organization lays hidden, as you get drowned in trivia.

Like practically everything else n the web, blogs are easy to start and hard to maintain.

Writtingcoherently is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for a human being to undertake.

So far from logs being a cheap strategy, they are a very expensive one, in that they eat up time.

As a result many blogs are not updated, thus damaging rather than enhancing the reputation of the organization.

Organizations are not democracies.

The web makes many organizations looks like disorganizations, with multiple tones and opinions.

Contray to what some might think, the average customer preferes it if the organization they are about to purchase from is at least somewhat coherent.
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